2004 written by Hosikiti.

"LobbyKun" is free, highly functional, customizable, and easily usable lobby software.

First, "LobbyKun" is free. In anywhere and any case, there're no limitations to use it.

Second, "LobbyKun" has many useful functions. Not only common lobby function, "Chat" ,
but also "File Transfer", "Multi-Room System", "Game connection"(now yet be unusable),
and so on are included. They will make your lobby life comfortable.

Third, "LobbyKun" is customizable. You can modify its appearances such as Colors,
Fonts, Skins. You can also modify its behavior such as notify sounds, user states, word reactions...

Finally, "LobbyKun" is so easily usable. For example, by following ways you can login
default server within only 1 minute.
Run "LobbyKun".
Select <Option> (in option menu).
Select server name in accounts box to login and push <Edit> button.
Input your ID, password and nickname to correspond edit box.
Push <OK> button in order to close dialogs you opened.
Finally, select your account and push Login button. You'll enter the lobby server.
" LobbyKun" is Beta version now.
Having it used by many users, it will become more useful software.
Please try. I'm waiting your advice, questions, and thanks.

This software is programmed with Borland Delphi 7 and its many component libraries.
I greatly thank Borland and those libraries' authors. Particularly, it is ICS Component that
I feel the most strongest gratitude for in that unless I used it, I could'nt release "LobbyKun".